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Creating an all-natural Hollywood Smile.

Smile Design

Have you every looked at a movie star or celebrity and wondered if they were born with such a perfect smile? I'm going to let you in on a secret: In almost every case, the answer is no. The smiles you're seeing on the big screen aren't the smiles those movie stars were born with. They've been to a cosmetic dentist to sculpt a perfect smile. My smile design approach utilizes my ability to enhance all of my patients’ smiles with strategic use of porcelain veneers. Through my mastery of porcelain veneers, I am able to augment your smile, eliminating any imperfections. I also restore the symmetry of the face by repairing and reshaping individual teeth, so each and every one of them is in equilibrium with the rest of your face. When crafting each smile, I take great care to ensure that it works in harmony with the unique facial features of every individual. Recent progress in dental technology has made it increasingly possible to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking smile. That's why more and more people are visiting cosmetic dentists to improve their look and the way others perceive them. For me, Smile Design doesn't happen in a vacuum. I begin by looking at the symmetry of your face. Through Smile Design, I want to correct any imperfections and asymmetries that keep you from having a stunning smile. I also repair any disfigured or chipped teeth and correct any irregular placement or other dental and facial problems.

Boost your confidence

Having a perfect smile makes an unfathomable difference in how people respond to you. A dazzling smile truly works wonders, whether you're trying to make a connection with someone of the opposite sex or simply want to head into your workplace and your daily life with supreme confidence. As your cosmetic dentist, I want to use the techniques of Smile Design to give you the smile and the life you deserve. Some of the techniques I employ in this quest are teeth whitening, use of non-metallic fillings, porcelain veneers, crowns. I bring all my training and experience to each patient, along with my unique aesthetic approach to dental care. If you're ready to change your life with a smile makeover, give our dental spa a call today and ask about Smile Design.

Smile Makeover

Nothing gives me greater joy as a cosmetic dentist than to see the amazing change when my patients undergo a complete smile makeover. Their entire mouths are restored in just a visit or two, all while they're relaxing or even sleeping. There's just no way to top that. I've studied for years to understand every concern my patients have regarding their smiles and oral health, and I make sure I know the desired result before beginning any smile makeover. Every decision I make — the materials, the tools, even the angle of approach — is based on everything I've learned professionally and all the experience I've amassed through seeing my patients' results. What do you need? Are you missing teeth and wearing partial dentures, but you want to be able to eat, speak, and smile freely with no embarrassment? I can help you. Are your teeth gray and listless, in need of whitening? I can help with that, too. Maybe you need old fillings replaced, multiple root canals, or dental implants. Whatever it is — crowns, gum contouring, porcelain veneers, a new bridge — I can help give you the smile and healthy mouth you want.

Cosmetic & Restorative Dentisry

I have spent my career developing the technique and acquiring the training and qualifications needed to accomplish the smile makeover you deserve. My goal is to give you a smile that will change your life. With a smile makeover, you'll get noticed in all the right ways, your confidence will soar, and you'll face the world everyday with a dazzling smile. In most cases, I can turn your smile around in just a couple of visits. I go out of my way to combine procedures in extended sessions to save you time and to help you accomplish your goal of a beautiful smile as quickly as possible. No matter how many cosmetic or dental issues you have, I can restore your mouth to health and beauty quicker than you would believe. If you want a smile makeover, or if you have any cosmetic or general dentistry needs, I'm here for you. I'm ready to treat your teeth, your gums, and even your oral muscles and bones. In just two visits, I can restore your mouth to optimal dental health and beauty. Contact our dental spa today to learn how we can help you get the smile you deserve.