MSc. Orthodontics, BDS Dental Surgery

A note from the orthodontist

I believe that a person's smile is their most authentic form of self-expression. Our smile is a manifestation of our inner beauty, and my goal is to highlight and bring that out in you.

Through years of extensive training, using state-of-the-art equipment and infusing each signature smile with my stylistic artistry, I realized Cosmetic Orthodontics is beyond all that. It's a mixture of everything from compassion to technique, from artistry to gratification.
I like to make my patients feel confident, excited and happy with themselves. When my patients walk into my practice I want them to feel like they’ve stepped in for a friendly visit, They are heard and catered to, so they feel comfortable and safe. the goal is to always treat everybody the same way I would want my family or myself to be treated.
I’m grateful for the trust my patients give me when I’m creating a signature smile for them. It’s a fragile bond that must always be handled with care, respect and thoughtfulness. When I help people look good, they feel good and it gives them the confidence to go out and make positive real world changes in their lives. It gives them confidence to try new things that could have positive life changing events that they otherwise would not have had. I love being a part of that journey, it makes me feel good, and it makes me happy to make others happy.


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